::: 26th National Canoe Sprint Senior men women Championship Inaugurated by Madhya Pradesh Sports & Youth Welfare and Industries Minister Ms Yashodhara Raje Scindia chief guest at the inaugural function. ::: Revised circular of Sr. National Canoe Sprint Championship-2016:::
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Minutes of Meeting (Udaipur - 19/02/16)

Revised CANOE SLALOM Circular

Revised circular of Sr. National Canoe Sprint Championship-2016

26th National Canoe Sprint Championships Junior and Sub Junior 2015- 2016 from 19th to 23rd January 2016

IOA - Certificate of Membership 2015

Affiliation Letter from Asian Canoe Federation

Membership Certificate of International Canoe Federation

Result of Federation cup Dragon Boat

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Training Program UN-23

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25th National Canoe Sprint Championship, Raipur

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Since time immemorial, man has derived immense pleasure from swimming. Over a period of time it has given shape to some more exciting concepts about water sports such as Kayaking & Canoeing which has now gained popularity throughout the world. The present day Canoes and Kayaks used in Olympics today are the improved versions of original log canoes which were used for fishing and transportation in the ancient times. To describe briefly, a Canoe is an open boat which is normally paddled with a kneeling position and is always propelled by a single blade paddle while the Kayak is a light decked craft paddled from a seating position and propelled with a double blade paddle.

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